Connect to a robot for development

You can use a physical robot or the Robot emulator to develop robot functions (animation, trajectory, dialog, etc.). This chapter shows how to connect to your robot or emulator.

Connect to a physical robot

If you have a physical robot, you can connect to it to get the state of it or to use it in the Animation Editor. To do this, you need to download and install Bonjour. You can also connect to your robot manually using its IP address.

Step Action

Click the Connect connect_btn button.

The Robots Browser appears.

Either select a robot in the list or enter the IP address of the robot to connect to, and then click the Select button.

The IP address of a robot can be found in Settings > Advanced Settings > Robot Wi-Fi screen of the tablet.

When the connection to your robot is established, Virtual Robot Viewer (green background) is launched and you can check that it is connected to the physical robot.


Robots Browser

Robots Browser provides the UI for connecting to robots that the browser has detected and also the UI for connecting to robots using user input IP address and port.


This section describes the features of Robots Browser.


List of robots

The table below describes the columns of the list of robots.

Name Description
image19 Enables you to add a robot to Favorites.
Status Displays the **type** and **state** of the robot.
Name The robot’s **Name**.
Port The port used to connect to the robot.
Host The host used to connect to the robot.


To add/remove a robot to Favorites, click the star.

Icon Description

The robot is a Favorite robot.

The next time you open Connect to panel, the favorite robots will appear at the top of the list.

image21 The robot is not a favorite robot.

Type and state

Icon Description

A physical robot.

NAOqi is not running.

The robot is in a state in which it should be impossible to establish a connection. NAOqi has been shutdown or is in a state that does not allow the connection.


A physical robot.

NAOqi is running.

You can connect Choregraphe to this robot.

The contextual menu offers also the following options:

  • View web page: Displays the webpage of the robot, where you can configure it (WiFi, name, NAOqi, ...).
  • Test LEDs: Starts a little animation on the eyes of the robot. This enables you to confirm that this robot is yours.

You can connect to this kind of robot.

But you cannot view its webpage nor test its LEDs.