Pepper SDK for Android

Take control over the Pepper robot from its Android tablet!

Make the robot move, talk and interact with people in a simple way, using a straightforward API, directly from your Android activity.

The Pepper SDK is an Android Studio plug-in and provides a set of graphical tools and a Java library, the Qi SDK.

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Android Studio Integration

The Pepper SDK targets Android developers.


It embeds the following tools in Android Studio:

Robot Browser, to find robots on the local network - Robot Viewer, to display the state of a physical robot - Robot Emulator, to run a virtual robot on your computer.

Animation Browser, to import rich robot animation samples - Animation Viewer, to preview animation files - Animation Editor, to edit robot animations - Trajectory editor, to edit robot trajectories.

Chat Topic Editor, to edit robot conversations.

Not only these tools helps you develop applications taking control of the robot, but also allows you to animate and script conversations, while letting you bundle, debug and install your application like any other Android application for your robot or the embedded emulator.

API for Robotics

The Pepper SDK provides a robot-oriented API to easily build interactive applications.

All the hardware and software features of the robot are accessible using a high-level approach.


This API can be used in your Android Java applications.


The Pepper SDK allows you to easily animate the robot during in applications.

Many animations are readily available and can be used as is to convey a lot of different emotions.


An Animation Editor is also provided to fine tune your own sequences joint per joint.

Chat topics

The Pepper SDK helps you script natural conversations with your robot, to design multimodal and multilingual human-robot interactions.


Prepare a basic knowledge database to increase the conversational skills in your applications.

Robot Emulator

The Pepper SDK includes a robot emulator so that you can develop on your desktop machine.


All the features included in the SDK are compatible with the Robot Emulator, so that you can debug and run applications the same way you would with any other Android device, and see the result in 3D.