Chat Editor

Chat Editor is an extension of Android Studio’s text editor.

To make the Chat Editor available in Android Studio, install the Pepper SDK. For further details, see: Installing the Pepper SDK plug-in.

Chat Editor’s purpose is to help editing Chat topic files.

What is a Chat Topic

A chat topic allows you to give your robot conversational skills by using a list of dialog rules that describe how to reply to what the user says. The topic and its rules are written using the QiChat Language language.

Creating a Chat Topic

Step Action

In Android Studio choose File > New > Chat Topic.

Enter a file name and select a language and a region.

Click the Create button.

The new Chat Topic file is added to the /res/raw-<Language Code>-r<Region Code> folder and displays its default content:



If this topic file corresponds to the default language of your application, you must move it manually to the /res/raw/ folder.

Replace the default content by your own QiChat content.

You can for example, uncomment the default content in order to test it:


For further details, see: QiChat Language.

Using a Chat Topic

It is now time to use the topic in your code.