What is it

A QiChatVariable represents a variable in a QiChat Topic. It allows the exchange of data between java code and QiChat scripts.

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How to use it

Retrieving a variable

Get a QiChatVariable from a QiChatbot containing the topic where the variable is defined:

val qiChatbot: QiChatbot = ...
val nameVariable: QiChatVariable = qiChatbot.variable("name")
QiChatbot qiChatbot = ...;
QiChatVariable nameVariable = qiChatbot.variable("name");

Reading/Writing a variable

Read and write a QiChatVariable and set a listener to handle a value change:

val nameVariable: QiChatVariable = ...

nameVariable.value = "Pepper"
val name: String = nameVariable.value
nameVariable.addOnValueChangedListener { currentValue -> Log.i(TAG, "onValueChanged: $currentValue") }
QiChatVariable nameVariable = ...;

String name = nameVariable.getValue();
nameVariable.addOnValueChangedListener(currentValue -> Log.i(TAG, "onValueChanged: " + currentValue));