Tags for Text To Speech engines

The Text To Speech engine may support specific tags.


qiChatbot in a Chat action supports these tags when delimited by ^rawStart and ^rawEnd functions.

Say action, as well as ChatbotReactions from a QiChatbot using a default SpeechEngine, support AITalk tags in Japanese.

How to use it

To use TTS tags in a qiChatbot topic, enclose TTS tags in function using ^rawStart then ^rawEnd.

Text between these syntax markers will be forwarded as it is to your SpeechEngine of choice.

For example in a qiChatbot:

u:(もしもし) ^rawStart  <S>オ^キャクサ!マーーッ$2_2ヨ!カッタラ$2_2ボ!クト|0オ^ハナシシマセ!ンカ|0ア^アア<R><S>|0|0<F> ^rawEnd