Known issues

  • Bug #41156 Issue with concurrent connections to the same robot.

  • Bug #7410 Phrase <-> String: Phrase.toString should not return the object address.

  • Bug #7406 No way to handle USB disconnections.

    Workaround: quit and restart the application.

  • Bug #40257 DISCUSS - Global recommendations are displaying results from disabled topics.
  • Bug #40006 Socket Disconnected when repeatedly switching app in background/foreground (real and virtual robot) - due to Conversation crash.
  • Bug #40125 when no human, getEngagedHuman throws instead of returning null.
  • Bug #39599 QiSDK does not reconnect the socket after a Socket Disconnected.
  • virtual robot: onRobotFocusRefused callback is not called.
  • virtual robot: a disconnection may happen between the tablet and the robot. The emulator must be relaunched.
  • Bug #39413 Discuss - ^sameProposal can trigger proposals not loaded in the current Discuss.
  • Bug #39443 Knowledge - The value that codes the region in a tuple that represents a locale in a localized string returned by queryLocalizedObject is equal to zero.
  • Bug #35573 AVD connection issue with PC’s Wi-Fi off.
  • Bug #37823 BodyLanguage does not work because package “animations” is not installed.
  • Bug #38356 libqi-java: JNI Limitation for 300 elements in an Object.

    Workaround: limit to 300 elements.