Known issues

  • Bug #43556 “File Cache Conflict” message when robotifying a project with Android Studio 3.3

    Workaround: Synchronize your gradle or choose “Load File System Changes” if the pop-up appears.

  • Bug #43418 Warning log: “QiSDK already initialized”

  • Bug #43338 ClassCastException AnimatedVectorDrawable to AnimatedVectorDrawableCompat when using Robolectric with RobotActivity

  • Bug #41619 Can’t connect to real robot on Windows 10 since plugin 1.0.28

    Workaround: Avoid spaces in the Windows user name

  • Bug #41586 Disconnection failure for <number>, error:Cannot find local signal connection when a Human is lost.

  • Bug #42954 Object comparison does not override hashCode

  • Bug #42590 QiChatExecutor is not cancelled when the Chat is cancelled

  • Bug #42787 - Latest HAXM version 7.3.0 prevents the launch of the virtual tablet.

    Workaround: Described here.

  • Bug #41156 Issue with concurrent connections to the same robot.

  • Bug #40006 Socket Disconnected when repeatedly switching app in background/foreground (real and virtual robot) - due to Conversation crash.

  • Bug #39443 Knowledge - The value that codes the region in a tuple that represents a locale in a localized string returned by queryLocalizedObject is equal to zero.
  • Bug #35573 AVD connection issue with PC’s Wi-Fi off.
  • Bug #37823 BodyLanguage does not work because package “animations” is not installed.
  • Bug #38356 libqi-java: JNI Limitation for 300 elements in an Object.

    Workaround: limit to 300 elements.